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Move better.
Feel better.
Live better.

At Unboxed Bodywork, your pain is our priority. Utilizing advanced bodywork and manual therapies, we customize a treatment plan that gets you moving and back to life.

– Getting older and noticing you aren’t moving with as much ease as you used to?
– Weekend warrior that’s recovering more slowly from soreness and stiffness?
– Old injuries showing their butt?

If you’re tired of the big box chains and smaller studios offering the same old ineffective massage, give us a try.

Here’s a few things that makes us different:
– Little to no need to get undressed
– Little to no oils, creams, or lotions
– You actively participate and move around giving you more control over your results
– Mix of mat, chair, standing, and table based therapies
– Guided treatment plans available for faster, longer lasting results
– We blend natural movement therapies with clinically based massage and bodywork

Movement is medicine.

Restorative Movement Therapy

Ready to try the best combination of therapies we’ve found for pain management and mobility?

We custom blend various styles of therapies specifically for your needs which typically includes: resetting neural responses, active resistance, stretching, range of motion, natural and functional movement therapies, and deep compressions. (Sports cupping may be added at no charge – minimal oil used).

Therapies are applied while you are fully clothed (if cupping is added, a drape will be provided). This style of bodywork takes place mostly on a gym mat on the floor, but may also include occasionally being seated in a chair, or standing.

We work together with you actively participating in your therapy giving you more control over your results.

2 hours – $200
3 hours – $300 (coming soon)

Integrated Therapeutic Massage

Prefer something more traditional?

A blend of table based therapies which utilizes traditional Swedish, neuromuscular, cupping, and neural reset therapies for pain management with an element of relaxation. This style of massage requires use of oil and you will need to undress. Modest draping required by law.

1 hour – $120 (Full body OR one targeted zone)
1.5 hours – $180 (Full body PLUS one targeted zone)

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